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Welcome to L2SET

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Welcome to L2SET.COM

!!!happy holidays !!! 2022.12.24 make your wish in 2 new events: saving santa and christmas event and build a tree, santa will come on december 24 00:00 on every tree found in giran santa will send gifts via mailbox!

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Pos. Name Status PvP
  M4Z 726
  MaRiOs 648
  CoMoNOrDiE 357
  Afrika 239
  Josephine 205
  KingKong 125
  Shylla 120
  Fuhrer 94
  GranDuque 89
10º   HardToTarget 85
Top PK
Pos. Name Status PK
  River 42
  CoMoNOrDiE 39
  M4Z 38
  Nini 32
  Maleficent 29
  Shylla 25
  DrBalls 14
  AssiA 12
  DuelistA 11
10º   Pekos 11
Top Online
Pos. Name Status Time
  er3wer 82d-17h-5m
  SnoopDogg 81d-8h-36m
  Graciarz 67d-2h-36m
  UnKnown 61d-21h-21m
  bbooss 54d-21h-9m
  ErmiOni 53d-3h-25m
  Rifle 39d-22h-26m
  Koks 39d-22h-26m
  Elementi 39d-3h-33m
10º   Pala 36d-6h-0m


Xp Rate


Sp Rate






Safe Enchant


Max Enchant


L2SET Features
All items are for Adena till dynasty, other items are craftable , dropable, donatable
All you need.+ everything in community board.
Lots of commands and events found in game.

How To Play

Welcome to L2SET

Are you willing to win authority and place under the sun of hardcore Elmoreden? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars are waiting for you! All you need to do is to follow the following instructions!

To start playing in lineage2 L2SET you will need to have lineage2 HighFive client installed on your pc if you do not you can download lineage2 HighFive full client from the button link on right of this text.


If you already have lineage2 HighFive client you can simply just download our patch from the corresponding button and follow the following instructions.

After the install is over or download (For Those Who needed only our patch) extract the patch components files in your lineage2 system folders Usually found in the C: \ Program Files \ NCSoft \ Lineage II path root and enjoy your gameplay in our server.

Dont forget to vote for us